Getting Started

So you want to make video games! Great! Let's not waste time

1. Choose a Game Engine

Understand that without programming you will be restricted to game creation tools. With programming, you can create anything.

Do you want to make games with little or no programming?

Are you a programmer or are you willing to learn programming?

2. Grab some Art

3. Make a couple Clones

Some people might be surprised by this one. This step is about learning your game engine of choice and giving you some experience at game programming. Skip this step at your own peril. Here are some good clones to start with:

4. Watch Everything is a Remix

Now watch it again

5. Learn how to Finish a Game

6. Come to BGD Meetups!

Come to BGD meetups and learn about game design, the game creation process, game programming, and more.

7. Go Make something Amazing!

Now you're Ready. Good Luck